Inspired by its waterfront location, The Wheelhouse translates nautical motifs into a refined architectural composition.

The form of The Wheelhouse emulates the hull of a boat – long and linear, with a rounded edge to the eastern face. Imbuing a strong yet elegant presence, the facade employs raw and robust materiality typical of the maritime industry. Resilient to the elements, it has been designed to age gracefully both aesthetically and physically, presenting a building of enduring quality.

An exploration of light and form, gifted with breathtaking views.

Giving depth to the facade, spacious balconies allow residents to admire the marina in full, and gaze out over the activity of Martha Cove. An abundance of glazing draws these inspiring vistas into the home whilst gifting a reflective quality to the facade, allowing light to dance playfully off its surface.

Carefully curated by Carr, the interiors present a commitment to authenticity and timeless quality, inspired by the sea.

Designed with consideration of what it means to live comfortably, the interiors combine soft yet tactile finishes with premium fixtures and thoughtful layouts. Spaces are enhanced by an ever-present view to the water and an abundance of natural light, afforded via expansive windows. The essence of the architecture is felt within, creating a seamless and free-flowing transition between inside and out.

A textural palette informed by the surroundings.

Whilst designing these spaces, Carr looked to imagery of jetties, boardwalks, coastal textures and ocean surfaces, using these motifs to inform the materials palette and underlying mood of the interiors. These elements have been interpreted in an artistic, modern way to cultivate a tranquil sensory experience within living environments whilst paying homage to the natural landscape.

Understated living spaces, enriched by the beauty of nature.

Finding beauty in simplicity, the open-plan living area has been intentionally kept understated, allow the mesmerising beauty of the landscape to enrich the space, becoming almost like an art piece. Floor-to-ceiling windows equipped with sliding doors foster a strong connection to the outdoors, complete with sheer curtains when privacy is required.

Defined by hardwearing and tactile finishes, The Wheelhouse has been designed to endure.


Appointed to the floors and walls of the bathroom, filled travertine brings depth and texture to palette whilst still appearing gentle. Exhibiting a distinctive colour variation reminiscent of a coastal landscape, this materials creates a sense of organic tranquility that is perfectly suited to a private space like the bathroom.


Inspired by a coastal boardwalk, each residence is founded upon French Oak floorboards with slender, elongated proportions. Lightly toned and matte finished, this highly-durable timber warms the palette whilst creating a beautiful sense of linearity throughout.


Evoking an aesthetic of ‘yachting luxury’, the lift cars of The Wheelhouse are adorned in stitched leather upholstery. The warm, earth brown sets the tone for the natural palette of materials found within each apartment.

Granite Sisal

Epitomising coastal sophistication, the corridor floors of The Wheelhouse feature Fine Ribbed Granite Sisal, a natural, hand-woven material that is both long-wearing and comfortable underfoot. Showcasing a timeless beige colour, it adds to the overall warmth of the finishes palette.

A culinary haven, designed to cultivate ease and inspiration.

Complemented by elongated French Oak floorboards, the kitchen is appointed with washed timber joinery, creating a sense of natural warmth whilst providing optimal storage space. Moulded to reflect the form of the facade, a solid Corian island bench offers an unrivalled work bench for meal preparation. Setting a luxurious tone, a suite of European appliances from both Miele and Gaggenau serve to enhance and simplify all your cooking and cleaning rituals.

Enjoy an uplifting outdoor lifestyle, set against an inspiring backdrop.

Recognising the sense of wellbeing that comes from being connected to nature, the living area and bedrooms spill out onto a spacious balcony, which offers uninterrupted views of Martha Cove and beyond. Adorned in flourishes of greenery, the versatile outdoor sanctuary is perfect for entertaining guests or unwinding with a glass of wine at sunset.

Sue Carr shares her vision for these inimitable interior spaces.

What are some of the project’s key features or attributes?

The Wheelhouse takes inspiration from its waterfront location and the strong geometry of the projects architectural form. Each of the apartments consider liveability and lifestyle, with the ground floor homes incorporating large garden spaces and direct access to the marina boardwalk, while the upper level homes are infused with natural light through the insertion of dramatic skylights.

All elements in the project consider what it means to live comfortably with European appliances, natural stone, high quality Australian fixtures and an ever-present eye to the views beyond. This is a project befitting of its luxurious locale.

Has anything in particular inspired the project, and how has it evolved from this primary concept?

The Wheelhouse is inspired by the waterfront context of the site and its seafaring nature. The geometries of the architecture – with its distinctive hull shape – form the foundation while each apartment has undergone careful planning to allow for optimal layouts.

The interiors feature forms, details and materials that use the notion of boat building as a point of reference. With open plan living and axial views, each apartment features a combination of light and tactile materiality. Jetties, boardwalks and the ocean air set the tone, translated into a soft and timeless material palette.

What are some of the notable materials incorporated, and why have they been employed?

The hard-wearing materiality found in the maritime industry is refreshed in a modern, crisp way at The Wheelhouse.

From first entering the lobby space, textured concrete surfaces create a seamless transition from inside to out creating a free-flowing ambience that captures the essence of the architecture at first glimpse. Moving deeper inside, the shared corridor spaces feature warm, natural timber, while the lift cars bring a touch of yachting luxury with stitched leather finishing.

Inside each apartment, elongated timber floorboards create depth and a warm tactility, offset by seamlessly moulded benchtops, made of Corian, as inspired by the effortless curves of a fibreglass hull. Elevating the bathroom spaces is filled travertine, a tactile natural stone that complements the gentle palette throughout with a distinctive colour variation.

An expression of comfortable luxury is found within the master suite.

Harmonising tactile travertine with brushed nickel tapware, the bathroom palette exemplifies the meeting place of natural beauty and polished sophistication, complete with a free-standing bathtub, walk-in shower, double-vanity and integrated storage space. The adjoining master bedroom boasts abundant natural light, direct balcony access and a generous wardrobe with space for all your favourite garments.